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Potato Processing Machines

Potato Processing Solution

Potato Processing Solution

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Potato Processing Solution and our product is made up of good quality.

Dynamech Engineers have remarkably maneouvered processed and machines for medium to large industries.

Our Potato Processing Solution is an exemplification to our innovation.

Reaching to our customers all over the world, we have created semi automated Potato Processing Solutions enabling saving of machine and fuel set up cost.

Automating the critical areas of frying and seasoning, we keep your processes hassle free.

On the other hand, semi-automating the peeling, slicing and drying processes we have made sure your initial setup budget does not shoot up.

Potato Peeler

Potato Peeler

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Potato Peeler and our product is made up of good quality.

Dynamic Engineers brings for you an easy to use Potato Peeler. In the Potato Peeler, Potatoes from the top are fed in the drum which is coated with abrasive carborundum.

With the rotation of the base of the drum, the potatoes strike with the wall of the drum which removes the skin.

We make use of minor flow of water to smoothen the process. After the potatoes are peeled, they are removed from the side of the drum through a gate.

Our potato peeler can be used for Peanuts as well. We have gained customers not only India but abroad as well.

BasisModel 1Model 2Model 3
Capacity7 Kg12 Kg25 Kg
Motor½ HP1 HP2 HP
MaterialSS 304SS 304SS 304

400 Kg Potato Slicer

400 Kg Potato Slicer

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Potato Slicer and our product is made up of good quality.

Understanding the requirements of the snacks making market, we have engineered easy to handle Potato Slicers designed in two different capacities: 250 kg and 400 kg.

Our Potato Slicers have been manufactured using sophisticated infrastructure.

Providing you dust resistance and hassle free operations; the Potato Slicers comes with three basic cutters used to make Plain chips, ripple chips, potato shreddings / laccha / sully and French fries.

We also provide with the feature of addition of dies in 400 kg model with a prime requisite of additional floor space: 20"*54".

BasisModel 1Model 2
Capacity250 Kg400 Kg
Motor½ HP1 HP
MaterialSS 304SS 304

Centrifugal Dryer

Centrifugal Dryer

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Centrifugal Dryer and our product is made up of good quality.

Dynamech Engineers have immaculately designed Centrifugal Dryer Machine in view of the needs of the Snacks Industry.

Centrifugal Dryers are used popularly for drying the namkeens and potato wafers. The product to be dried is placed in the rotating basket of the Dryer and allowed a few spins.

The result is the surface water of the product is removed and not fully dried.

Your snack intermediate is ready for further processing! Our centrifugal dryers have been designed with sturdiness and simplicity and are available at affordable prices.


Capacity6-7 Kg
Motor½ HP
MaterialSS 304

Automatic Potato Chips Plant

Automatic Potato Chips Plant

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Potato Chips Plant and our product is made up of good quality.

Dynamech Engineers have innovated a new segment in the potato chips making, creating a semi automated Potato Chips Processing Solution.

Our Potato Chips Plant automates the critical areas of frying and seasoning of potato chips whereas the peeling , slicing and drying process are run semi-automated.

We aim at reducing your initial setup cost of the plant.

In economical budget you have a completely functional plant ready for production.

Let your customer savour the crispy seasoned potato chips.

MINI - 50 :- We have engineered standard abrasive type potato peeler for peeling potatoes. These peelers are designed in traditional fashion to maintain the ease of use for the users.

NEO - 100 :- To reduce the setup cost of the plant, Dynamech engineers have kept the potato slicer as standard. It consists of a top fed slicer with various cuts like plain, ripple and shredding used in different Chips.

FULL - 150 :- After slicing, dehydrating is an indispensable step for removal of excess water results. Our Dehydrators remove the excess water resulting in maximising fuel efficiency. Unlike fully automated systems where the water is not removed completely resulting in higher fuel cost; our dehydrator keep the economy of the process intact.

FULL - 200 :- The In feed Shaker ensures separation of smaller size of potato chips from whole chips thereby resulting in better quality of chips. It facilitates even and continuous feeding into the fryer. Our In feed Shaker further prevents wastage and deterioration of oil during frying and reduces the load on the filters.

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